air-condition | نووایش

air-condition | نووایش

air-condition | نووایش | تهويه‌ كردن‌

نُووایِش | novayeš

نووایش = نو + وای + ش

دیکشنری نارسیس

air condition
داراى‌ دستگاه‌ تهويه‌ كردن‌ تهويه‌ كردن‌

دیکشنری آریانپور

air-condition     air-con¦di¦tion

(با تهويه‌ى مطبوع‌) خنك‌ كردن‌، خنك‌ سازى كردن‌


ریشه شناسی

  • نو:  از اوستایی ← nava، پهلوی ← navak یا nôk، فارسی ← nô
  • وای: از اوستایی ← ریخت دگرگونه vaya و vayô به معنی هوا
  • ش: پسوند اسم مصدر که ریخت کهن آن در پهلوی išn | یشنْ می باشد.



Webster’s New Third International Unabridged Dictionary

\ˈ ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷| ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷\ transitive verb
Etymology: back-formation from air conditioning
: to equip with an apparatus for washing, humidifying, dehumidifying, and controlling the temperature of air
air-condition a building
also : to subject (air) to the process of washing, humidifying, and dehumidifying
air-conditioned adjective
air-conditioning noun -s



McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Science and Technology

air conditioner

A mechanism primarily for comfort cooling that lowers the temperature and reduces the humidity of air in buildings.

air conditioning

The maintenance of certain aspects of the environment within a defined space to facilitate the function of that space; aspects controlled include air temperature and motion, radiant heat level, moisture, and concentration of pollutants such as dust, microorganisms, and gases. Also known as climate control.
A chemical process by which small fibers are sealed into yarn.

automotive air conditioning

A system for maintaining comfort of occupants of automobiles, buses, and trucks, limited to air cooling, air heating, ventilation, and occasionally dehumidification.

unitary air conditioner

A small self-contained electrical unit enclosing a motor-driven refrigeration compressor, evaporative cooling coil, air-cooled condenser, filters, fans, and controls.


Babylon English

v. install an air conditioning system; cool and control the humidity and temperature in a room or building

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