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دیگشنری نارسیس

نشان‌ لاى‌ كتاب‌، چوب‌ الف‌
(كامپيوتر)كد يك‌ متن‌ در بخش‌ مخصوصى‌ از آن‌ كه‌ به‌ كاربر اجازه‌ مى‌دهد بعداگ‌ به‌ همان‌ نقط‌ ه‌ مراجعه‌ كند


دیکشنری آریانپور

bookmark book.mark
­(هر چيز كه‌ براى نشان‌ دادن‌ اين‌ كه‌ تا كجا خوانده‌اند لاى صفحات‌ كتاب‌ بگذارند) نشان‌ لاى كتاب‌، چوب‌ الف‌


McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Science and Technology Browse


Any method of halting the processing of a transaction and holding it, as far as it has been completed, until processing resumes.

MacMillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners 2nd Edition Browse


▪ I. bookmark 1 UK [ˈbʊkˌmɑː(r)k] US [ˈbʊkˌmɑrk] noun [countable] [singular bookmark plural bookmarks]
1. something you put inside a book so that you can find the page you want
Thesaurus: describing books and relating to bookshyponym parts of booksmeronym
2. computing an electronic way of marking an Internet website so that you can easily find it again
Thesaurus: internethyponym
▪ II. bookmark 2 UK [ˈbʊkˌmɑː(r)k] US [ˈbʊkˌmɑrk] verb [transitive] [present tense I/you/we/they bookmark he/she/it bookmarks present participle bookmarking past tense bookmarked past participle bookmarked] computing
to mark an Internet website in an electronic way so that you can easily find it again
Thesaurus: to use the internethyponym

Microsoft Computer Dictionary Browse

n. 1. A marker inserted at a specific point in a document to which the user may wish to return for later reference.
2. In Netscape Navigator, a link to a Web page or other URL that a user has stored in a local file in order to return to it later. See also Favorites folder, hotlist, URL.

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary Browse

bookmark (PLACE IN BOOK) /ˈbʊk.mɑːk/ US /-mɑːrk/
noun [C] (ALSO bookmarker)
a piece of card, leather or plastic that you put between the pages of a book so that you can find a page again quickly

bookmark (COMPUTING) /ˈbʊk.mɑːk/ US /ˈbʊk.mɑːrk/
verb [T]
to make a record of the address of an Internet document on your computer so that you can find it again easily:
Don’t forget to bookmark this page.

bookmark /ˈbʊk.mɑːk/ US /ˈbʊk.mɑːrk/
noun [C]
Keep this site as a bookmark.

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