export | زوبَر | زوبُردن

export به فارسی | زوبَر | زوبُردن

export به فارسی | زوبَر | زوبُردن

دیکشنری نارسیس

صادر كردن‌، بيرون‌ بردن‌ كالاى‌ صادره‌، صادرات‌
(بازرگانى‌)صادر كردن‌
(حقوق‌)صادر كردن‌، صدور، صادرات‌
(كامپيوتر)ذخيره‌ سازى‌ داده‌ در يك‌ فرمت‌ فايل‌ ديگرى‌ نسبت‌ به‌ پيش‌ فرض‌، صدور، صادر كردن‌

دیکشنری آریانپور

export ex.port
(كالا و خدمات‌) صادر كردن‌، برفرستى‌ كردن‌ (در برابر:‏ وارد كردن‌ t‏r‏o‏p‏m‏i‏)
they export oil and import computers
آنها نفت‌ صادر و كامپيوتر وارد مى‌كنند.‏

Iran exports carpets to Germany
ايران‌ به‌ آلمان‌ فرش‌ صادر (برفرست‌) مى‌كند.‏

they grow rice exclusively for export
آنها برنج‌ را صرفا براى صادرات‌ مى‌كارند.‏

(انديشه‌ و هنر و فرهنگ‌ و غيره‌) سرايت‌ دادن‌ يا كردن‌
the values of the Christian world have been exported to every part of the world
ارزش‌هاى جهان‌ مسيحيت‌ به‌ همه‌ جاى جهان‌ سرايت‌ كرده‌ است‌.‏

(مهجور) بردن‌، حمل‌ كردن‌
(هر چيز صادر شده‌) كالاى صادراتى‌، برفرست‌
their main export is coal
صادرات‌ عمده‌ى آنها زغال‌سنگ‌ است‌.‏

exports had piled up on the wharf
كالاهاى صادراتى‌ در بارانداز انباشته‌ شده‌ بود.‏

وابسته‌ به‌ صادرات‌، صادراتى‌، برفرستى‌

Microsoft Computer Dictionary Browse

vb. (1) To move information from one system or program to another. Files that consist only of text can be exported in ASCII (plain text format). For files with graphics, however, the receiving system or program must offer some support for the exported file’s format. See also EPS, PICT, TIFF. Compare import.
n. (2) In NFS, a file or folder made available to other network computers using the NFS mount protocol. See also NFS.

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary Browse

export /ɪkˈspɔːt/ US /ˈek.spɔːrt/
1 [I or T] to send goods to another country for sale:
French cheeses are exported to many different countries.
Our clothes sell so well in this country that we have no need to export.
Compare import (BRING IN).

2 [T] to put something from one country into use in other countries:
American culture has been exported all over the world.

3 [T] If you export information from a computer, you copy a large amount of it either to a different part of the computer’s storage space or to another form of storage such as a floppy disk, so that it can be used for a different purpose.

export /ˈek.spɔːt/ US /-spɔːrt/
noun [C or U]
a product that you sell in another country, or the business of sending goods to another country in order to sell them there:
Coffee is one of Brazil’s main exports.
We plan to increase our exports over the next five years.
The export of ivory is now strictly controlled.
India grows tea for export.
We are planning to develop our export market/trade.

exportable /ɪkˈspɔː.tə.bļ/ US /-ˈspɔːr.ţə-/
The value of the new television technology to the company is that it is highly exportable (= can be sold in other countries).

exportation /ˌek.spɔːˈteɪ.ʃən/ US /-spɔːr-/
noun [U]
These crates have been packed for exportation (= to be sent for sale in other countries).

exporter /ɪkˈspɔː.təʳ/ US /
noun [C]
a person, country or business that sells goods to another country:
Japan is a major exporter of cars.


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