remove – روو


روو | ruv | روویدن | ruvidan


برداشتن‌، از جا برداشتن‌، بلندكردن‌، رفع‌ كردن‌، دور كردن‌ برطرف‌ كردن‌، بردن‌، برچيدن‌ زدودن‌، برداشت‌ كردن‌، عزل‌ كردن‌
(حقوق‌)عزل‌ كردن‌، برداشتن‌ مهر
(علوم‌مهندسى‌)برداشتن‌، رفع‌ كردن‌، دوركردن‌ برطرف‌ كردن‌، بردن‌ جابجا كردن‌ انتقال‌ دادن‌ بيرون‌ اوردن‌، معزول‌ كردن‌ دور شدن‌
(كامپيوتر)جابجا كردن‌ به‌ محل‌ ديگر

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  • ایرانی باستان: raup* ← دور کردن، برداشتن, ربودن | to take away, up, rob
  • پهلوی یا فارسی میانه: rōb ← دزدیدن، چاپیدن | pillage, plundering
  • سکایی ختنی: rūv ← برداشتن، زدودن، کندن | to remove, peel off
  • سغدی: rwp ← گرد آوردن، جمع کردن | to gather
  • خوارزمی: rwby ← دست برد زدن، دزدیدن، دور کردن | to rob; take away [of horse]
  • فارسی: rubōdan/rubāy ← دزدیدن، قاپیدن، بردن، از جلوی چشم برداشتن | to rob, seize, carry off; to withdraw from sight
  • بلوچی: rupt/rōp ← گردآوردن، جمع کردن | to collect
  • کردی: ifānin/firānin
  • هورامی یا اورامی: ar̄fā́y/-r̄fān ← ربایش، قاپیدن | to snatch
  • گورانی کندولهifānin ← ربودن | to rob
  • کردی کرمانجی: gurn/gurē ← پوست کندن | ( to skin, remove (skin
  • یغنابی: rup-, rub-/rúpta, rúbda ← درو کردن، برداشتن محصول | to harvest

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MacMillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners 2nd Edition


remove UK  [rɪˈmuːv] US  [rɪˈmuv] verb [transitive] [present tense I/you/we/they remove he/she/it removes present participle removing past tense removed past participle removed] ★★★

  1. to take something or someone away from a place

Sally looked down at her sleeve and removed a small speck of dirt.

remove someone/​something from something: Medical crews removed two people from the collapsed building.

Remove the pan from the heat and leave to cool.

The area has now been removed from the list of dangerous destinations.

Thesaurus: to remove somethingsynonym remove by cuttinghyponym

  1. to take off clothing

She removed her jacket and hung it over the chair.

Thesaurus: to remove clothes and not wear clotheshyponym to put on or be wearing clothes and to dress other peoplesynonym

  1. to get rid of a problem, difficulty, or something that annoys you

The bill is intended to remove obstacles that may discourage investors.

Thesaurus: to get rid of something or someonesynonym remove by cuttinghyponym

3a. to get rid of dirty spots on clothing, curtains, cloth etc

Soap and cold water will remove most food stains.

Thesaurus: to get rid of something or someonesynonym remove by cuttinghyponym

  1. to take away someone’s power or position, especially in politics

Officials who were involved in the scandal were removed from office.

Thesaurus: to rebel or protesthyponym

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remove (v.)

early 14c., “move, take away, dismiss,” from Old French removoir “move, stir; leave, depart; take away,” from Latin removere “move back or away, take away, put out of view, subtract,” from re- “back, away” (see re-) + movere “to move” (from PIE root *meue- “to push away”). Related: Removed; removing.

remove (n.)

1550s, “act of removing,” from remove (v.). Sense of “distance or space by which any thing is removed from another” is attested from 1620s.


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