transfer | تراوُر | تراوَر | تراوُردن | تراوَردن

transfer به فارسی | تراوُر | تراوَر | تراوُردن | تراوَردن

  • تَراوُر = ترا + ور
  • تَرا از ریشه اوستایی taro که معادل trans در لاتین است
  • از ریشه پارسی باستان bar به معنی بردن، بالا بردن | اوستایی bar به معنی بردن | پهلوی burdan

دیکشنری نارسیس

ورابرى‌، ورابردن‌، انتقال‌ دادن‌، واگذار كردن‌، منتقل‌ كردن‌، انتقال‌، واگذارى‌ تحويل‌، نقل‌، سند انتقال‌ انتقالى‌
(روانشناسى‌)انتقال‌ ‏[در يادگيرى‌‏]
(علوم‌نظامى‌)انتقال‌، انتقال‌ دادن‌، منتقل‌ كردن‌، تغيير سمت‌ دادن‌ لوله‌، حركت‌ سمتى‌ لوله‌ حركت‌ درسمت‌
(علوم‌دريايى‌)پهلو‏- رفت‌
(بازرگانى‌)انتقال‌، انتقال‌ دادن‌
(حقوق‌)واگذار كردن‌، انتقال‌ دادن‌ نقل‌ كردن‌ انتقال‌، واگذارى‌ سند انتقال‌ و واگذارى‌ حواله‌
(علوم‌مهندسى‌)انتقال‌ دادن‌، واگذار كردن‌ نقل‌ كردن‌ انتقال‌، واگذارى‌ نقل‌، سند انتقال‌ يا واگذارى‌
(تجارت‌خارجى‌)انتقال‌، حواله‌
(فقهى‌)احاله‌، انتقال‌
(كامپيوتر)سرعت‌ انتقال‌ داده‌ از حافظه‌ پشتيبان‌ به‌ حافظه‌ اصلى‌ يا از يك‌ وسيله‌ به‌ ديگرى‌، دستورى‌ كه‌ كنترل‌ پردازنده‌ را از يك‌ بخش‌ برنامه‌ به‌ ديگرى‌ هدايت‌ كند، زمان‌ انتقال‌ داده‌ بين‌ وسايل‌ يا محل‌ ها، زمانى‌ كه‌ دستور انشعاب‌ يا جهش‌ در برنامه‌ اجرا مى‌شود، كنترل‌ به‌ نقط‌ ه‌ ديگر در برنامه‌ منتقل‌ مى‌شود، ارسال‌ داده‌ بين‌ دو وسيله‌ جانبى‌ يا برنامه‌ كه‌ در لايه‌هاى‌ مختلف‌ سيستم‌ ساخته‌ يافته‌ هستند.(مثل‌ سيستم‌ ‏I‏S‏O ‏/ ‏O‏S‏I)، بررسى‌ صحت‌ ارسال‌ داده‌ طبق‌ مجموعه‌اى‌ قوانين‌، دستور برنامه‌ نويسى‌ كه‌ حاوى‌ جهش‌ به‌ بخشى‌ از برنامه‌ است‌ در صورتى‌ كه‌ وضعى‌ رخ‌ دهد، تغيير دستور يا كنترل‌، كپى‌ كردن‌ يك‌ بخش‌ از حافظه‌ به‌ محل‌ ديگر، تغيير دستورات‌ يا كنترل‌، انتقال‌، واگذارى‌، انتقال‌ دادن‌

دیکشنری آریانپور

transfer trans.fer
انتقال‌ دادن‌، منتقل‌ كردن‌، بردن‌، جابجا كردن‌، ترا فرست‌ كردن‌، ترا فرستادن‌، تراگرد كردن‌
he was transferred to Ardebil
او را به‌ اردبيل‌ انتقال‌ دادند.‏

this axle transfers motion from the motor to the wheels
اين‌ محور، حركت‌ را از موتور به‌ چرخ‌ها منتقل‌ مى‌كند.‏

to transfer money from one account to another
از يك‌ حساب‌ به‌ حساب‌ ديگر پول‌ انتقال‌ دادن‌

انتقال‌ مالكيت‌ دادن‌، واگذار كردن‌
he transferred his lands to his eldest son
او زمين‌هاى خود را به‌ اسم‌ پسر ارشدش‌ كرد.‏

از يك‌ كلاس‌ (يا مدرسه‌ و غيره‌) به‌ ديگرى رفتن‌ يا بردن‌
Siamak transferred from Taj school to a school nearer his house
سيامك‌ خود را از دبستان‌ تاج‌ به‌ يك‌ مدرسه‌ كه‌ به‌ خانه‌اش‌ نزديكتر بود منتقل‌ كرد.‏

انتقال‌ يافتن‌، منتقل‌ شدن‌، جابجا شدن‌، ترا فرست‌ شدن‌، ترا گشته‌ شدن‌
the company will be transferring to Tabriz
شركت‌ به‌ تبريز انتقال‌ خواهد يافت‌.‏

انتقال‌، جابجايى‌، ترا فرستى‌، ترا گرد
his transfer was not approved
با انتقال‌ او موافقت‌ نشد.‏

the transfer of technology to African countries
تراگرد تكنولوژى به‌ كشورهاى افريقايى‌

transfer of power
جابجايى‌ نيرو (قدرت‌)

هر چيز (به‌ ويژه‌ تصوير) انتقال‌ داده‌ شده‌ (از يك‌ سطح‌ به‌ سطح‌ ديگر)، عكس‌ برگردان‌، ترا فرست‌، بليت‌ انتقال‌ (از يك‌ اتوبوس‌ يا ترن‌ و غيره‌ به‌ ديگرى)، بليت‌ ترا فرست‌، مدرك‌ ترا فرست‌، قباله‌ى انتقال‌ (ملك‌ و غيره‌)، انتقال‌ نامه‌، حكم‌ انتقال‌، انتقال‌ ملك‌
deed of transfer
سند انتقال‌

شخص‌ انتقال‌ يافته‌، ترا فرستاده‌، ترا گشته‌، ترا گرديده‌، انتقالى‌
a limited number of transfers will be accepted by the college
دانشگاه‌ شمار معدودى (دانشجوى) انتقالى‌ را خواهد پذيرفت‌.‏

MacMillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners 2nd Edition 


▪ I. transfer 1 UK [trænsˈfɜː(r)] US [trænsˈfɜr] US [ˈtrænsfər] verb [present tense I/you/we/they transfer he/she/it transfers present participle transferring past tense transferred past participle transferred] ★★★
1. [intransitive/transitive] to move from one job, office, or department to another in the same company or organization
transfer to: I’m transferring to our Tokyo office next year.
transfer someone from something to something: Helen was transferred from marketing to sales.
Thesaurus: to start a career or new job, or to move to a new positionsynonym applying and interviewing for jobshyponym
1a. [transitive] to move someone or something from one place to another
transfer someone/​something to something: Wait until the cakes cool before transferring them to a plate.
Our tour group was transferred to the hotel by bus.
Thesaurus: general words meaning to move somethingsynonym to take something somewheresynonym
1b. [intransitive] to stop studying at one school or university and go to another
transfer to: The children will transfer to a new school in September.
Thesaurus: attendance and non-attendance at school or universityhyponym
1c. [transitive] to move money from one account or bank to another
I need to transfer £500 to my daughter’s account.
Thesaurus: to use a bank accounthyponym
1d. [transitive] british to sell a professional sports player to another team
Ferdinand was transferred to Leeds for £18 million.
Thesaurus: to sell somethingsynonym
1e. [intransitive/transitive] to move from one bus, vehicle, plane, or boat to another as part of a longer journey
We’re being transferred to another plane in Amsterdam.
Thesaurus: to get on and off of tranportsynonym tickets for travellinghyponym
2. [transitive] to stop giving your time or support to one person or thing and give it to another
The time came to transfer their attention from study to practical life.
Thesaurus: to change your opinion, attitudes or behavioursynonym
3. [transitive] to let someone speak to another person by changing telephone lines for them
Please hold the line while I transfer you.
Thesaurus: using a telephonehyponym
4. [transitive] to officially arrange for someone else to become the owner of something
They are transferring the deeds to the new owner.
Thesaurus: general words meaning to givesynonym
5. [transitive] to copy information or images from one place or object to another
I want you to transfer the files onto a disk.
Thesaurus: to make a copy of somethingsynonym
Phrases: transfer power ▪ transfer ​authority ▪ transfer ​responsibility
▪ II. transfer 2 UK [ˈtrænsfɜː(r)] US [ˈtrænsfər] noun [singular transfer plural transfers] ★★★
1. [countable/uncountable] the process of moving, or of moving someone, from one job, department, or office to another in the same organization
We’re currently dealing with the paperwork for your transfer.
Thesaurus: to start a career or new job, or to move to a new positionsynonym applying and interviewing for jobshyponym
1a. [countable/uncountable] the act of moving, or of being moved from one place to another
transfer of: Who is responsible for the transfer of military supplies?
Thesaurus: process or activity of movingsynonym
1b. [countable] a person such as a football player who has been moved from one team to another
Thesaurus: players and positions in various sportshyponym
2. [countable] a piece of paper with a design or picture that you print on another surface using heat and pressure
Thesaurus: patterns and arrangementshyponym
3. [countable] american a ticket that allows you to move from one bus or train to another without having to pay again
Thesaurus: tickets for travellinghyponym to get on and off of tranportsynonym
Phrases: transfer of power ▪ transfer of ​authority

Microsoft Computer Dictionary Browse

n. (1) 1. The movement of data from one location to another.
2. The passing of program control from one portion of code to another.
vb. (2) To move data from one place to another, especially within a single computer. Compare transmit.

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 

transfer (PATTERN) /ˈtræns.fɜːʳ/ US /-fɝː/
noun [C]
a picture or pattern which can be fixed to a surface by pressing it against the surface and then rubbing or heating it:
The kids bought transfers and ironed them onto their T-shirts.
Compare decal.

transfer (MOVE) /trænsˈfɜːʳ/ US /ˈtræns.fɝː/
verb -rr-
1 [T] to move someone or something from one place, vehicle, person or group to another:
He has been transferred to a psychiatric hospital.
She transferred her gun from its shoulder holster to her handbag.
We were transferred from one bus into another.
Police are investigating how £20 million was illegally transferred from/out of the Trust’s bank account.
The aim is to transfer power/control/responsibility to self-governing regional councils.
I’ll be upstairs, so could you transfer my phone calls (= arrange that I can receive them) up there please?

2 [I or T; usually + adverb or preposition] to change to a different job, team, place of work, etc., or to make someone do this:
After a year he transferred to University College, Dublin.
Some very high-profile British players have transferred to clubs abroad.
He threatened to give up football if his club didn’t transfer him (= sell him to another team).

3 [T] to make something the legal property of another person:
She transferred the house to her daughter before she died.

transfer /ˈtræns.fɜːʳ/ US /-fɜːr/
1 [C or U] when something or someone moves or is moved from one place, position, etc. to another:
the transfer of information
Black’s transfer to an Italian football club came as a shock to Coventry supporters.
The official transfer of ownership will take a few days to complete.

2 [C] a player who has moved from one sports team to another:
They’ve a new transfer from Tottenham playing for them.

3 [C] US a ticket which allows a passenger to change routes or to change from one bus or train to another

transference /trænsˈfɜː.rənts/ US /ˈtræns.fɚ.ənts/
noun [U]
1 FORMAL the process of moving something or someone from one place, position, etc. to another:
UN observers were there to ensure the smooth transference of power.

2 SPECIALIZED in psychology, when a person who is receiving treatment transfers the thoughts and emotions they have been having about one person on to someone else, especially the person who is trying to treat them:
Therapists should always be on the lookout for transference from their clients.

transferable /trænsˈfɜː.rə.bļ/ US /-ˈfɝː.ə-/
The tickets were marked ‘Not Transferable’.

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