vehicle | واشیم

vehicle | واشیم

واشیم | vāšim

وسيله‌ نقليه‌، ناقل‌، حامل‌ رسانه‌، برندگر، رسانگر
(علوم‌نظامى‌)خودرو، وسيله‌ حمل‌، حمل‌ كننده‌
(هواپيمايى‌)رسانه‌، رسانگر، حامل‌
(بازرگانى‌)وسيله‌ نقليه‌، ناقل‌، برنده‌
(علوم‌مهندسى‌)وسيله‌ نقليه‌، ناقل‌


  • وسيله‌(ى نقليه‌)، ترابر، اوزار (ترابرى)، مركوب‌، بردار
  • وسيله‌(ى بيان‌)، بيانگر، اوزار
  • (داروسازى -‏ هر چيز كه‌ با آن‌ دارو را مى‌آميزند مثلا شكر يا شهد) گوارانگيز




ریشه شناسی واشیم

  • اوستایی: vâshem  | vâsha  ← کالسکه، وسيله‌ نقليه‌، واگن، ارابه  | carriage, vehicle, wagon, chariot




vehicle UK  [ˈviːɪk(ə)l] US  [ˈviɪk(ə)l] noun [countable] [singular vehicle plural vehicles]

  1. a machine that you travel in or on, especially one with an engine that travels on roads, for example a car, bus, van, truck, or motorcycle

Watch out for oncoming vehicles.

the driver of the vehicle

Thesaurus: general and informal words for vehicleshyponym

  1. a way of expressing ideas or of making something happen

an investment vehicle

vehicle for: They use the tabloid press as a vehicle for attacking the opposition.

Thesaurus: systems and methods for doing thingssynonym

2a. something that is created for a specific person or purpose, especially a film, television show etc for one actor

vehicle for: The film was conceived merely as a vehicle for Tom Hanks.

Thesaurus: films and types of filmhyponym

MacMillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners 2nd Edition



1. A structure, machine, or device, such as an aircraft or rocket, designed to carry a burden through air or space.
2. More restrictively, a rocket vehicle.
The fluid component of a paint or printing ink; acts as a carrier for the pigment.
A self-propelled wheeled machine that transports people or goods on or off roads; automobiles and trucks are examples.

McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Science and Technology


1612, “a medium through which a drug or medicine is administered,” 1615 in the sense of “any means of conveying or transmitting,” from Fr. véhicule, from L. vehiculum “means of transport, a vehicle,” from vehere “to carry,” from PIE *wegh-. Sense of “cart or other conveyance” first recorded 1656.


  • اوستایی: vâshem  | vâsha  ← کالسکه، وسيله‌ نقليه‌، واگن، ارابه  | carriage, vehicle, wagon, chariot


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