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active به فارسی | گارا

  • از واژه kār به معنی کار | kār /gār <  ایرانی باستان -kār*، برامده از ریشه kar “کردن”
  • agārēnidan و agārēn به معنی بی اثر کردن، ناتوان کردن، از کار انداختن
  • agārīhistan و agārīh به معنی بی اثر شدن، ناتوان شدن

دیکشنری نارسیس

كارى‌، ساعى‌، فعال‌، حاضربخدمت‌، داير، تنزل‌ بردار، باربح‌، معلوم‌، متعدى‌ مولد، كنش‌ ور، كنش‌ گر، فعال‌ كنشى‌
(علوم‌نظامى‌)عامل‌، فعال‌، هدف‌ فعال‌ خط‌ مشى‌ فعال‌، نظامى‌ كادر، يكان‌ كادر، موثر
(معمارى‌)كارى‌، كارگر، موثر، فعال‌
(ورزشى‌)فعال‌، پرتحرك‌ ‏[شطرنج‌‏]
(علوم‌مهندسى‌)اكتيو، فعال‌، موثر، اژير كنشى‌ كاريك‌
(كامپيوتر)فايلى‌ كه‌ روى‌ آن‌ كار انجام‌ مى‌شود، (در يك‌ شبكه‌) دروازه‌اى‌ كه‌ برخلاف‌ دروازه‌ نافعال‌، اطلاعات‌ را رد و بدل‌ مى‌كند، مشغول‌ يا در حين‌ كار يا در حين‌ استفاده‌

دیکشنری آریانپور

­مخفف‌:‏ فعال‌، در خدمت‌، شاغل‌
active ac.tive
كنشور، در حال‌ كار، مشغول‌ عمل‌، به‌ كار انداخته‌ شده‌
قادر به‌ عمل‌، حاضر به‌ خدمت‌، موثر، كنا
this drug is active in the body for two days
تاثير اين‌ دارو در بدن‌ تا دو روز ادامه‌ دارد.‏

فعال‌، فعالانه‌، پر جنب‌ و جوش‌، جدى، پرتكاپو، ساعى‌، كارى، پويا، سريع‌الانتقال‌، سريع‌، چابك‌
my father was an active man
پدرم‌ آدم‌ فعالى‌ بود.‏

an active mind
مغز متفكر

active in helping the poor
فعال‌ در كمك‌ به‌ بينوايان‌

he had an active role in building the bridge
او نقشى‌ اساسى‌ در ساختن‌ پل‌ داشت‌.‏

an active member of the party
عضو فعال‌ حزب‌

داير، عملى‌، پابرجا، به‌ قوت‌ خود باقى‌ (بودن‌)
that law is still active
آن‌ قانون‌ هنوز به‌ قوت‌ خود باقى‌ است‌.‏

an active volcano
كوه‌ آتشفشان‌ فعال‌

an active coal mine
معدن‌ زغالسنگ‌ داير

(دستور زبان‌) معلوم‌ (در مقابل‌ مجهول‌)
عضو فعال‌ (سازمان‌ يا حزب‌ و غيره‌)


* active voice
(دستور زبان‌) حالت‌ معلوم‌
* to be active (in)
فعال‌ بودن‌ (در)، فعاليت‌ داشتن‌ (در)

MacMillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners 2nd Edition 


▪ I. active UK [ˈæktɪv] US adjective ★★★
1. someone who is active does a lot of different activities and has a lot of energy and interests
People are remaining active into later life.
meditation techniques to keep the mind active and alert
Thesaurus: energetic and livelysynonym
1a. very involved in the work of an organization or with a particular activity
active in: She continues to be active in politics.
active member: He is an active member of the American Cancer Society.
Thesaurus: busy and workingsynonym
1b. used about a period or event that is full of busy activity
We had a very active weekend.
Thesaurus: busy places and times and describing busy places and timessynonym
2. taking positive action in order to make something happen, rather than just hoping that it will happen
There are already active discussions going on.
Active steps are being taken to calm the situation.
We couldn’t have organized the show without the active support and participation of the students’ parents.
Thesaurus: involved in somethingsynonym
3. operating or working in a particular area or at a particular time
Pickpockets are known to be active in the area.
Thesaurus: existing, happening or being dealt with nowsynonym
3a. regularly doing a particular activity
sexually active (=having sex regularly): sexually active young women
Thesaurus: busy and workingsynonym
3b. an active electrical system is working
The burglar alarm becomes active ten seconds after you set it.
Thesaurus: electricity and electrical powerhyponym
4. an active volcano is likely to erupt (=explode and pour out fire) at any time. When a volcano no longer does this, it is extinct .
Thesaurus: volcanoshyponym general words meaning natural disastersynonym
5. chemistry producing a chemical or biological reaction
What is the active ingredient in detergents?
Thesaurus: describing chemicals and chemical processeshyponym
6. linguistics an active verb or sentence has the person or thing doing the action as the subject . ‘You hurt me’ is an active sentence.
Thesaurus: describing types and forms of verbshyponym
See also: passive
▪ II. the active UK [ˈæktɪv] US noun linguistics
the active form of a verb. The active is also sometimes called the active voice .
Thesaurus: verb forms and tenseshyponym
See also: passive

Microsoft Computer Dictionary 

adj. Pertaining to the device, program, file, or portion of the screen that is currently operational or subject to command operations. Usually the cursor or a highlighted section shows the active element on the display screen.

Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary

active (GRAMMAR) /ˈæk.tɪv/
An active verb or sentence is one in which the subject is the person or thing which performs the stated action:
‘Catrin told me’ is an active sentence, and ‘I was told by Catrin’ is passive.
Compare the passive (GRAMMAR).

active (BUSY/INVOLVED) /ˈæk.tɪv/
1 busy with or ready to perform a particular activity:
physically/mentally active
You’ve got to try to keep active as you grow older.
Enemy forces remain active in the mountainous areas around the city.
She’s very active in (= involved in) local politics.
Both of his parents were very politically active.
It is important to educate children before they become sexually active.
He takes a more active role in the team nowadays.
She’s an active member of her trade union (= not only belongs to it, but does work to help it).

2 describes a volcano that might erupt (= throw out hot liquid rock or other matter) at any time

actively /ˈæk.tɪ
He’s very actively involved in (= does a lot of work for) the local Labour Party.
It’s nice having a man who actively encourages me to spend money.
I’ve been actively looking for a job (= trying hard to find one) for six months.

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